How To Build Your Business Website

Sometimes back the idea of building a website was seen as a very big deal and was left to computer geeks. People had to pay website builders to create websites on their behalf. However, this article will take you through simple steps that will help you build a website by your own. You only need to know how to surf the internet and since you are already reading this article, it clearly shows that you passed that test.

Follow the steps below to build your website

Get your domain name

redasdfcgvhbnThis is the name you want to give your website. Getting a domain name should be the very first thing to do. A registration fee has to be paid to a registrar for permission to use the name you choose. Make sure that you choose a unique name that explains what you are dealing with. A strong name will be able to attract more customers to your website.

Select a Web Host and sign up for an account

A web host is a company with many computers connected to the internet. When you post the website pages on their computers, people all over the world will be able to see it. When you Sign up an account with a web host means that your website has a home.

Design your web pages

After you have settled on the domain name and web host, the next thing to do is to design the website itself. Get something onto the website. Another important part of web design is search engine readiness, ensure that the search engines are ready for this stage.

Test your website

edfgsdfhTest your web page in the main browsers such as Opera, Firefox, and Chrome. Testing your website on these pages is the only way you can know that it is working as you want. This is to make sure that your customers get you whenever they need you.

Collect credit card information, make money

If you are selling products or services on your website, then you need a way of collecting credit card information. Companies are on the watch to get new website owners to put advertisements there; you need to be aware of these companies for you to get making money.

Get your website noticed

drewsedffcgvhbOnce your site is completely ready, submit it to search engines such as Google and Bing. Another way of making your website known is advertising in newspapers, word of mouth, television, although these happened in days before internet creation.